If I Were You: I’d Be Fruity

Published 3:55 pm Wednesday, September 15, 2021

 By Shannon Marshall

Jesus used an illustration using vine and branches to show the way for a Christian to have a live bearing much fruit. The way to an incredibly abundant, fruitful life is to abide in Jesus.

Fruit always bears the characteristics of the tree. Apples do not grow on orange trees. Likewise, we must resemble Christ. When you are bearing fruit, others will see Christ because you are producing fruit! When you let your light shine, the world will see.

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Fruit always exists for the benefit of someone else. If you only go to church to get and never put anything in, you are not bearing fruit. You are missing the meaning of a true blessing.

The branch is the Christian. Jesus says every branch that does not bear fruit, needs to be tied up. He keeps you from the dirt and he stakes you up. He carries you so you will keep growing to bear fruit. There is more to the Christian life than just being a Christian.

He may prune you to make you bear even more fruit. Either you just came out of a trial, you are in the midst of a trial or you are about to go through a trial. The Lord will prune you.

Bear more fruit because Jesus loves you. Reflect Him in your life. Make a commitment to be a fruit bearing Christian.