Pear River County SCPA offering neuter sale

Published 4:35 pm Friday, August 6, 2021

The Pearl River County SPCA is having a special called “Grab Some Nuts Day,” where staff will sell 200 coupons to have a male cat neutered.

“We were looking for a holiday in August, so we Googled and came across Grab Some Nuts Day, and we though it be funny to do a neutering special with that name,” said Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Treadaway.

With grant assistance from Petco, the shelter can price the neutering special for male cats at $20. After purchasing a coupon, one of shelter’s volunteers will schedule an appointment over the phone. Surgery will take place at a local veterinarian or the pet will be transferred to a Hattiesburg area veterinarian.

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“It’s really the cheapest option for anyone to get their cats fixed,” said Volunteer Coordinator Renee Roberts.

The shelter’s goal is to save as many animals as possible and staff hope to reduce the number of surrendered cats by offering this special sale. Recently the staff has because overwhelmed by the amount of surrendered animals. During the first morning of the “Grab Some Nuts Day” special, staff sold 17 coupons.

The sale will continue until all 200 coupons are sold.