Hoping to ride tomorrow!

Published 11:05 am Tuesday, August 31, 2021

By David Freeze
I am still safe in the Western Motel at Lucedale, Mississippi. The overwhelming rain and the ever-present tornado threats have kept everyone tense. We had at least three local tornadoes and the fire department responded about 2am. At one time, the local Walmart just 2/10ths of a mile away, disappeared from sight during the heavy rain.
Still pouring and blowing early, I knew couldn’t ride today. So I have over-planned everything and think I know how to make a big positive move tomorrow. Rain is still in the forecast, even as Ida heads off to drench the Carolinas on Wednesday. I know you guys need some rain and this area doesn’t.
My goal is to cross into Alabama mid-morning tomorrow. I will pass through Mobile and see some areas from the Underground Railroad adventure. I know nothing about what to expect with road conditions but note that the flooding could get worse. I will probably battle the wind some tomorrow but better weather conditions should resume for the rest of the week.
Depending on where I make it to, I can estimate tomorrow night how many miles are left to complete this incredible adventure. But one thing that is sure, all those who have and are suffering with this major storm and mostly farther south and west of me, need your prayers!
I hope to see you back here tomorrow with real progress if at all possible. Knowing you are there pushes me forward. Thanks again!

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