Scatter the seeds of prayer freely

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 12, 2021

By Ronny Michel

I’m not going to say sports are important to my family, but once before making an appointment for her surgery, my Dad asked my Mom to consult my nephew’s baseball schedule.          

There’s just something about the sport that I love. You start from home with the intention of rounding the bases. To do so means you must face everything the opposition throws at you. Curve balls, fast balls, sliders. They all come flying as you attempt to bat that ball as far away from you as possible. When you do, your teammates cheer as you venture away from home and run out to make your mark.

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All the while, the other team still attempts to put you out of the game. Your goal? To make it back home safely, where your teammates run to greet you.

Last weekend as my parents watched their great-granddaughters participate in the sport, three other great-grandchildren played under trees my dad and several other men planted decades ago.

As I watched them, it made me wonder about the things I’ve planted – not trees, but prayers. Of the many prayers I pray for those I love, first is for them to hear and obey God’s voice. I pray for many circumstances as well, and as situations change, I pray find God’s will and move towards it.

What prayers are you planting today? Scatter the seeds of prayer freely and diligently and be patient. As we do this, I am confident that generations will experience the results of the seeds we faithfully sow.

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