Long standing client Magnolia Dredge and Dock highlights DSC Dredge’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and its fleet of dredges.

Published 11:14 am Friday, June 18, 2021

To ensure the high level of service that has defined this family-owned business for the past thirty years, DSC Dredge, LLC has five key values: Commitment, Quality, Innovation, Service, and Customization. This is what the foundation of DSC is built upon, and clients who become long-standing business partners and friends only confirms what this company strives to do each and every day.


Magnolia Dredge & Dock LLC., headquartered in Mandeville, LA, was founded in 2009 through the merging of two companies. According to Michael Johnson, Managing Member, while the company initially focused on providing hydraulic dredging services, they have since expanded to include dewatering and water treatment, plus heavy civil and marine construction to their portfolio of services. Over the years, and with their primary focus on dredging, this local company continues to service both the private and public sector throughout the United States. Johnson shared, “We do a lot of industrial and environmental dredging maintenance, coastal restoration, cleaning of lakes and ponds, coal ash removal, levee construction, deepening and maintaining of waterway access channels to name a few areas of focus.”

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The spark of a long-term partnership between DSC Dredge, LLC and Magnolia Dredge & Dock, LLC started well before Magnolia’s inception. “When I was employed by another company, we rented dredges from Dredging Supply Company, which is now known as DSC Dredge. That’s how I got introduced to them and the quality of their product and impeccable service standards.” He goes on to state it was “a match made in heaven” for Magnolia, since both companies are located in the greater New Orleans area, and one of DSC’s specialties is customizable dredges which is key to Magnolia’s service offerings.


Johnson recalled Magnolia’s first three (3) dredges, which were all the DSC Barracuda class dredge, came from DSC’s Mississippi based subsidiary, Best Equipment Technologies, and they immediately went to work on a project in Mississippi which turned out to be a big success. “Over the years Magnolia has purchased dredges from many other manufacturers, however it’s difficult to find another supplier that has such a high focus on customer service which was, and continues to be, extremely important to us” shared Johnson.


Johnson added, “Over the years we have experienced first-hand a performance driven culture with DSC” pausing a moment, and then adding, “Their equipment has always performed well, and their customer service is unfaltering both in the field and during the entire purchase/build process. DSC’s expertise, has always been, and will continue to be, invaluable to Magnolia.”


One of the main challenges faced by most service driven dredging companies is that every project has specific requirements, and unlike most manufacturing companies, DSC’s ability to design customizable dredges has allowed Magnolia to stand out against their competitors. Magnolia thinks of their dredge fleet like a “toolbox”, prepared with a wide variety of dredges to meet the needs of their customer. DSC’s ability to customize their equipment has significantly contributed to the diverse business offerings Magnolia can provide. As of today, Magnolia’s fleet includes three (3) Barracuda class dredges, one (1) 8” Moray class dredge, a 10” & 18” Shark class dredges, one (1) 16” Marlin class dredge, a number of booster pumps, and a workboat which are all transportable allowing them to service customers throughout the United States. In addition, DSC is currently constructing a traveling spud carriage barge with an integrated booster pump. This barge will be coupled to Magnolia’s 18” Shark class dredge. The only dredge not currently on their manifesto is the SHARKUDA® class dredge; however, Johnson notes “that may change in the near future”.


“Our customers’ success is also our success. DSC focuses on providing both the dredging equipment and the support services to help ensure that happens,” stated Bob Wetta, DSC Co-Owner and President and Chief Executive Officer. “The equipment we manufacture lasts over 25+ years, so we need to take advantage of the opportunities when they arise. If we miss a dredge sale, we may not have the opportunity to sell to that client again for a long time. DSC has been fortunate to have a high level of repeat sales to our client base, which is particularly of interest in growing companies like Magnolia. We believe it is the overall experience and relationships we build with our clients. We listen to their challenges and we try to create solutions. Open minded clients such as Magnolia keep us on our toes to look for the next best thing we can dream up and build together.”


Johnson went on to share some of their success stories and the importance of having the right equipment. He talked about a project they worked on in Florida where the conditions were extreme, causing the flooding of homes and many other issues. He noted that with the use of a DSC dredge, they were able to go in and quickly improve the community drainage, their water quality and clarity, and ultimately it increased recreational use for the area. Another project shared, was one located in Houma, LA, in Bayou Terrabonne, where the numerous bridges and excessive traffic in the area presented multiple challenges. The only dredge that could complete this critical work had to have enough power to move the sediment along but was also easy to move. The Barracuda class dredge was perfect for this style of dredging, he stated.


As DSC continues to lead the industry with innovative technology, such as DSC Vision (a user-friendly bottom visualization system that provides dredge operators and managers with ability to stop “dredging in the dark”) and Dredge Rx (which allows dredge owners and operators to monitor and maintain their dredge fleet in real time, while on the dredge or while working remotely), Magnolia knew they had to add this to their already existing “toolbox”. According to Johnson, by the addition of these features, it helps Magnolia stay at the forefront of dredging trends enabling them to continue delivering exceptional project performance and thus ensuring the success of their clients and projects. Magnolia has already pre-purchased these upgrades for some of their dredge fleet and is now eagerly waiting for their installation. Johnson notes “Being able to see below the water while dredging is a great feature that will allow our operators to be more efficient and productive. Cave-ins after dredging a particular area is common in the industry and being able to see this and correct it immediately will be a game changer.”


“Magnolia Dredge & Dock, LLC has a solid history of winning high-quality projects across the United States and we are honored that DSC’s dredges can be part of their story as they continue to build upon their historical successes, and expand DSC’s geographical footprint,” stated Bill Wetta, DSC Co-Owner and Chief Technology Officer.


In closing, Johnson reiterated, “Magnolia is very excited about our long-time collaboration with DSC. We view them as a strategic partner for both the growth and operation of our business. We have always been very pleased with their products, customer service and equipment performance and the personal relationships built over the years is incomparable to any other. One of the many things that stands out about DSC is DSC’s receptiveness and openness to create innovative solutions for any project Magnolia may need support on.”


“We consider ourselves a leader in new technology for the dredging industry and we are always open to challenges,” commented Bill Wetta, “We have enjoyed the projects and challenges that Magnolia has brought to DSC. Both Magnolia and DSC share a common vision in technology and thinking outside of the box. I couldn’t be happier with the relationship DSC has earned with Magnolia Dredge & Dock.”


DSC is a global leader in the dredge manufacturing industry, engineering superior customized dredging solutions to meet specific application needs, while continuing to exceed customer expectations. DSC Dredge designs and manufactures high quality, durable cutter suction dredges. At DSC Dredge, we help customers make THE RIGHT CHOICE.  Quality, Innovation, Service, Commitment and Customization are key DSC attributes which explain why customers choose to work with DSC. DSC Dredge operates from three manufacturing facilities located in Reserve, LA, Poplarville, MS, and Greenbush, MI.  For more information about the company and its products, services and customized solutions, please visit www.dscdredge.com and follow us on Social Media