Happy Father’s Day to all the dedicated fathers

Published 7:00 am Sunday, June 20, 2021

By Ronnie Michel

Happy Father’s Day….

…to fathers who work to provide for their children, then volunteer at school, church, and in the community. May their diligent example echo for generations to and urge others into lives of service.

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…to men who have jumped off of the corporate ladder, realizing the money they made was nothing compared to the moments they missed. May they experience the overflowing blessings of God for their commitment to their family.

…to dads who have the wisdom to draw boundaries for their children and the courage to maintain those boundaries. The best guards are placed around the most valuable treasures. May they be strengthened in their God-ordained positions.

…to men who, for a season, or for a lifetime, have found room in their hearts and in their homes to care for someone else’s child. May they reap bountifully from their giving.

…to fathers who are waiting for their prodigals to come home, or for those whose child has preceded them to our Heavenly home. May they continually experience God’s comfort.

…to dads who also fulfill the role of Mom, including my own husband who spent a year cleaning up after I suffered the effects of chemotherapy, took care of our four young children, and kept up with his job. May he one day see in himself what I see in him daily.

…to men who train their children in the ways of our Lord. May they find great joy in watching the seeds they’ve planted bear much fruit.

…and to the men who are now grandparents and doing everything they did for their own children, plus more.

Their names may never be in lights or the byline of a best-seller, but no earthly achievements would make me respect them more. They are men of integrity. They do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do, and I believe all of Heaven applauds them.

Ronny can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.