2020 NRA basic pistol class and Miss. enhanced concealed carry course

Published 11:40 am Sunday, June 6, 2021

The class will be held on June 26, 2021 at 8:30AM. Only one day is required to qualify. We are registered to   teach classes approved by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, for the issuance of the enhanced pistol permit. We also have instructors that are registered with the Louisiana State Police to conduct this course and qualify them for the training requirements for the Louisiana Concealed Carry Permit.


The Saturday morning classroom will be held at the Southwest Gun Club indoor range. No student will be allowed to bring any firearms into the classroom. The Saturday range training will include live fire. No open carried loaded or unloaded handguns in holsters will be allowed by anyone at the range. We have a cold range. No loaded concealed carry firearms will  be allowed by students, at the range property.  All students will carry their personal firearms unloaded on the range and to the firing line in a pistol case or pistol rug. They will be opened at the line and muzzles kept down range at all times. When removing handguns from the firing line, they must be returned to the pistol case or pistol rug before leaving the line. A student that displays a lack of basic safety in the firing phase or is not able to qualify with basic marksmanship skills, will not be passed in this class. All students will be required to sign a Waiver that releases the Southwest Gun Club from liability in this class.

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Directions to the range: Southwest Gun Club’s McComb Indoor and Outdoor Range Facility.  It is 6 miles East of McComb, MS on US Highway 98. When driving from McComb, drive East on US98 until you see the Homestead turnoff sign. Drive 2 miles further and the driveway to the range is on the North side of the road. As you come up to the driveway, you will see several trailers on the left. The driveway cuts up into a hill. You will have to drive down to the turn around and come back to the driveway. If driving from Tylertown, MS, drive past the Bogue Chitto River Park and look for a roadside market on the right. The range road is 2.2 miles past the store. The name of the range road is Edna Drive. When you pass the landmarks carefully monitor your odometer and be ready to turn into the driveway at the 2 mile or 2.2 mile distance past the landmarks. The range road is gravel and it cuts into a hill. Drive to the back of the property. GPS can be set for Edna Drive, McComb, MS 39648. You have to drive 1/3 mile to the back of the property to get to the range. Look for the SWGC sign.


According to the NRA and MS DPS you should use your own firearms and ammunition in the class, if possible. Any Student can choose one semi-auto pistol or revolver to be used in the class. You will need 60 rounds of ammunition for the handgun of your choice. We reserve the right to inspect and refuse the use of your firearms and/or ammunition if we deem them unsuitable for the firing phase of the class. NO SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS WILL BE USED IN THE FIRING STAGE.  The Southwest Gun Club can furnish .22 RF handguns for students that do not have their own firearms and ammunition or have their firearms rejected by the range officials, BUT THE AMMUNITION MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE GUN CLUB. There will be no charge for the use of loaner firearms.

The following subjects will be covered by this course:


  1. Basic Firearms
  2. Defensive Shooting Safety 
  3. Safe Firearm Storage
  4. Introduction to pistol mechanisms 
  5. Ammunition Fundamentals and selection of ammunition for self defense and practice
  6. Fundamentals of pistol shooting
  7. Fundamentals of pistol shooting positions
  8. Standing pistol shooting positions
  9. Common pistol shooting errors
  10. Clearing common pistol stoppages
  11. Handgun maintenance
  12. Selecting handguns and accessories
  13. Information and training resources for further training and use of handguns
  14. Synopsis of self defense with a handgun, Presented by Deputy Sheriff Charles Smith with a question and answering session
  15. Live fire at the club range


The cost of the Course is $65.00.  Students will receive an NRA Student Packet, describing the course in detail.  To assure a spot in the class, students should preregister and prepay. Send your application and check in advance. Shooters may cancel their registration but should do so 5 days before the class date. Those canceling after that date may forfeit the course fee. There will be applications taken after the deadline, if there is range availability. At the Saturday session we highly recommend everyone in attendance to use eye and hearing protection. You should also bring a bag lunch and any type soft drinks you may want. We will not have the time to have you go into town for lunch. We will supply ice water.