Reeves urges calm, assures Mississippians that a gas shortage can be avoided if panic buying does not occur

Published 1:36 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Governor Tate Reeves urges Mississippians to avoid panic buying of gasoline due to the closure of the Colonial Pipeline. He assures the state’s residents that most of our fuel does not come from the pipeline. See his social media post below.

“First and foremost: Please remain calm!
Here’s the latest update on the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. Our team has been closely monitoring the situation since last Friday, and my message to you is simple: there is no need to panic.
In a normal week, less than 30% of Mississippi’s fuel comes from the Colonial Pipeline. The vast majority of our fuel (over 70%) comes from at least five other sources, both in and out of state, including the Pascagoula Refinery. Also, necessary state and federal action has already occurred to allow longer hours for fuel to be delivered by tanker.
Even better news – the Colonial Pipeline is currently estimating that they will be back functional by the end of this week. If that timeline is accurate, this media-driven crisis will be no different than the toilet paper “crisis” that was manufactured at the beginning of COVID.
So stay calm – buy your normal level of weekly gasoline – and live your life! If everyone takes this approach, this will be behind us with minimal impact.”

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