Holliday announces candidacy for Poplarville mayor

Published 3:36 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Special to the Item

On Tuesday, April 27th, the voters of Poplarville will have the opportunity to choose who will be the next Mayor.  This election will do more than just select the person that will lead our city, it will also determine the future of our city for generations to come. 

Goals as Mayor:

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* Work closely with other elected officials and city employees.

*Analyze the budget and devise a path to prosperity.

*Ensure that every dollar is spent effectively and efficiently.

*Provide an alternative traffic solution for school traffic both for the High School and Lower Elementary pick up/drop off lines.

*Support Pearl River County’s Economic Development Commission to bring jobs and opportunities to our area.

*Foster inter-local agreements with the County to lower the cost of street and infrastructure improvements.

*Further develop/expand Poplarville City Park to accommodate multiple uses by the public.

*Youth facilities to engage our young people in a positive and enriching manner within our community.

If you are truly interested in the future of our city, please get involved, study the issues, and vote.  This is our city, it is up to each of us to do our part so that we and our children will have the very best place in which to work and live. 

My promise to you is this:  You stand up and vote for me on Tuesday, April 27th, and I will work hard to make you proud that you did.

Heather Holliday.