Official election results for Pearl River County

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Official election results for Pearl River County were released Friday by the Pearl River County Circuit Clerk’s Office.


In the race for president of the United States, Joe Biden received 4,148, Donald Trump received 19,595, Don Blankenship received 18, Brian Carroll received 14, Phil Collins received 12, Howie Hawkins received 31, Jo Jorgensen received 160, Brock Pierce received 13 and Kanye West received 42 votes.

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While Joe Biden has been named the nationwide winner of the presidential election, Donald Trump won the state of Mississippi’s electoral votes.

Trump was the favored candidate in most of Pearl River County’s 26 precincts, often by a significant margin, like in Progress 3, where Trump received 311 votes to Biden’s 15; FZ Goss 4 where Trump received 1,678 votes to Biden’s 163; or Ceasar 3 where Trump received 183 votes to Biden’s 5.

Biden received more votes in only two precincts, Picayune 1 Southside, with 978 votes to Trump’s 249 and Whitesand 1, where Biden received 204 and Trump received 149 votes. The race was close in Picayune 1 Eastside, where Trump received 563 and Biden received 512 votes.

New State Flag

In statewide ballot measure 3, the House Bill 1796 state flag referendum, there were 13,684 votes for yes, 56.63 percent, and 9,763 votes for no, 40.4 percent.

The referendum passed statewide, so Mississippi will have a new flag design, featuring a magnolia bloom and the words “In God We Trust.”

In many of the county’s precincts, the vote was very close, while in some precincts the new flag design had strong support, most notably Picayune 1 Southside, where there were 1,059 votes yes and 150 votes no. Seven of the county’s 26 precincts voted against the new flag design: Ceasar 3, Crossroads 2, Gumpond/Hickory Grove 3, Pine Grove 4, Progress 3, Springhill 2 and Steep Hollow 3.

Medical Marijuana

For statewide ballot measure 1, there were 14,153 or 58.57 percent of votes cast to approve either Initiative 65 or Legislative alternative 65 A, and 8,136, 33.67percent, votes against both measures.

There were 12,433 votes, 51.45 percent, for Initiative 65 and 6,148 votes, 25.44 percent, for Initiative 65 A.

Initiative 65 passed based on statewide results.

Although the vote was within 10 ballots in one precinct, all 26 Pearl River County precincts voted to approve either Initiative No. 65 or Alternative Measure 65A. Every precinct also chose Initiative 65 over the Alternative Measure 65 A.

Ballot Measure 2

For statewide ballot measure 2, there were 17,135 yes votes, 70.91 percent, and 5,401, 22.35 percent, no votes.

This ballot measure also passed statewide, amending the state constitution to eliminate a process that allowed the state House of Representatives to choose the winner in a statewide race if neither candidate won both the majority of the popular vote and the majority of House Districts.

In each of the 26 precincts in Pearl River County more people voted yes than no.

Senate Race

In the race to represent Mississippi in the United States Senate, Mike Espy received 5,053, incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith received 17,814 and Jimmy L. Edwards received 780 votes.

Incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith won statewide.

Hyde-Smith received more votes in the majority of precincts in Pearl River County. Mike Espy received more votes in only three of the 26 precincts, both of the precincts where there were more votes for Biden than Trump, Picayune 1 Southside and Whitesand 1, and the precinct where the presidential race was closest, Picayune 1 Eastside.

Running unopposed

In the race for U.S. House of Representatives fourth Congressional District Steven M. Palazzo ran unopposed. Palazzo received 20,863 votes.

Mike Randolph ran unopposed in the nonpartisan judicial election for Supreme Court Justice in the Supreme Court District 2 and received 18,834 votes.

In the race for Election Commissioner District 2 Rebecca Taylor ran unopposed and received 4,347 votes.

For District 3 Election Commissioner, Tommy Breland ran unopposed and received 4,398 votes.

Reggie Hanberry ran unopposed for District 4 Election Commissioner and Michelle Vogt ran unopposed for District 5 Election Commissioner. Hanberry received 3,541 votes. Vogt received 4,490 votes.