COVID-19 cases in Mississippi now top 100,000 with 3,000 deaths

Published 7:00 am Friday, October 9, 2020

COVID-19 cases across the state have surpassed 100,000, resulting in the deaths of 3,074 Mississippians.

Since the pandemic started in the spring of this year, there have been 982 COVID-19 cases in Pearl River County and 54 deaths, 22 of which occurred in long term care facilities, according to data from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

As of Oct. 7, Mississippi has had 102,819 COVID-19 cases, resulting in 3,074 deaths. Of the over 100,000 cases in the state, 90,577 people are presumed recovered from COVID-19.

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In Pearl River County, there have been 478 cases in white residents, 129 in Black residents, 67 classified as other and 220 where the race is classified as unknown. Statewide, 31,901 Black Mississippians have tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in 1,269 deaths. Across the state, 29,507 white Mississippians have had COVID-19, resulting in 1,226 deaths.

Statewide the COVID-19 cases broken down by age group are 2,156 cases in the zero to four age group with one death; 9,148 cases in the five to 17 age group with no deaths; 14,749 cases in the 18-24 age group with 11 deaths; 23,409 cases in the 25-39 age group with 63 deaths; 15,174 cases in the 40-49 age group with 130 deaths; 20,786 in the 50-64 age group with 567 deaths; 16,982 cases in the 65 plus age group with 2,229 deaths.

The positive test rate for Pearl River County is 3.4 percent.