Wonderful and gracious is all around

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 1, 2020

By Jan Miller Penton

The sunlight streams into the sunroom bathing my little dachshund in its golden glow. The warmth of those rays lulls her to sleep, and she rests peacefully. Every now and then she grunts or whimpers or growls, and I have to wonder if she is chasing a rabbit somewhere in an open field.
When I look at her I see a picture of contentment. She isn’t worried about one thing-not even where her next meal is coming from. And if you could see her you would heartily agree that it wouldn’t hurt her to miss a meal or two or three. It is hard not to give in when she looks at me with those liquid brown pools begging for yet another treat.
I think our heavenly father loves to give good gifts to his children just as I love to treat my own children, grandchildren, and even my pet. If I wake up looking for good things then that is what I notice, and they far outweigh the bad.
My days have been spent packing and packing some more. Moving across country is both exciting and a bit bittersweet. I think of the future and living in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee with delight, but at the same time I know I will miss so many things about my Mississippi home.
Life is full of changes, and I know that God has wonderful days ahead. I am certain that my new home will be filled with great folks soon to be friends. This reminds me of a little story that I think you may enjoy.
The corner barbershop’s bell jingled as the door opened, and the stranger walked in to get a shave. The shop was empty so the barber motioned for him to have a seat.
The local barber went right to work, and the stranger began to ask him about the people of the town.
“What are folks in this town like, Mr.?”
“Well sir, what were the people like where you come from?
“They were a snobby, rude bunch of folks! Never caring for anyone but themselves!”
“You don’t say,” answered the barber. “That’s exactly what you’ll find here.”
A little while later another stranger came in asking the exact same question. The barber again replied by asking what the people were like where he came from. This time the stranger smiled and answered that he came from a gracious town with wonderful people. The barber replied that he would find gracious and wonderful people in this town, as well.
No place on earth is without problems, but if we chose to open our eyes and hearts to all the kind and wonderful people who cross our paths daily, then the rough days will be tempered. I just know that although I’ll be making a move from the home I love, I’ll find wonderful and gracious people along the way.

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