Local gym relying on community during pandemic

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cody Guidry is the Head Athletic Trainer at Cretus Corpus Crossfit in Picayune and has seen his gym’s members continue to support the business even while it’s closed.

According to the gym’s website, prior to the pandemic the gym would host seven separate crossfit classes on Monday and Wednesday, 6 classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with one class taking place Saturday mornings.

Guidry said the gym has been closed for almost a month, but that hasn’t stopped him from training with other members.

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Instead of in person workouts, the workouts are conducted virtually through the Zoom app.

Moving workouts to an online format has become a more common practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Cretus Corpus Crossfit is following that trend. However, there are ways in which the gym is making sure its members have what they need to stay in shape during the quarantine.

“We totally rented out all of our equipment for no charge to members, so they could take it home with them. We have given plenty of opportunities, while a lot of gyms have charged members for equipment,” Guidry said.

Necessary supplies like kettle bells, boxes, dumbbells and other essentials for a crossfit workout have been provided to members free of charge.

Guidry said the gym hasn’t been reopened for one-on-one training sessions to stay in line with the health guidelines in place, so members are having to stay active at home.

Guidry said that at the beginning of the pandemic there were approximately 20 accounts that were dropped, but given the situation Guidry said it made sense.

“That’s understandable because you don’t know everyone’s situation with jobs, but we still have people paying for their membership despite the fact that we’re not open,” Guidry said.

Guidry said that while crossfit obviously serves the function of getting people in shape, it means more than that.

Relationships are formed between members and Guidry said that has been a big reason why everyone has been so supportive of the business during these uncertain times.

“With crossfit, the biggest thing is the community and that goes beyond everything,” Guidry said.

Right now members have phone numbers for Guidry and owner Donny Leonard so they can get answers concerning a workout. Guidry said he’s not sure what the situation will be like when the gym reopens and that uncertainty is worrisome.

“When things do open back up there will be protocol you have to put in place. When we open up will social distancing still be in place? Are they going limit the number of people in class? Then you have a possibility of second wave, too,” Guidry said.