Arrest reports collected from the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department on April 9, 2020.

Published 4:50 pm Thursday, April 9, 2020

Jesse J. Pernell, 21, 12 Restertown, Poplarville; arrested March 16, for two counts of officer unlawfully furnishing an offender a weapon or cellphone.
Michael Voat, 29, 1900 Ree St., Chalmette, La.; arrested March 22, for driving while license suspended, no insurance and no motorcycle endorsement.
Alexis Jene Pope, 22, 323 East Third St.; arrested March 23, for DUI second.
Tiffany Rosemary Jackson, 34, 111 Whitfield St.; arrested March 24, for five counts of contempt of court.
Charlie Buck Spiers, 44, 1294 Rock Ranch Rd.; arrested March 24, for controlled substance violation and felony tampering with physical evidence.
Jaylon Armon Williams, 23, 960 Pine Lake Dr., Jackson; arrested March 25, for controlled substance violation while in possession of a weapon or firearm, foreign fugitive warrant and possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon.
Cassandra Darlene Alexander, 33, 7487 Cypress Dr., Perkinston; arrested March 29, for public drunk/profanity.
Tyler James Cruz, 25, 11 Maroon Dr.; arrested March 29, for controlled substance violation.
Randall Wayne Burge, 21, 42 A Oscar Lee Rd.; arrested March 29, for residential burglary, trespassing and possession of paraphernalia.
Karen Anita Poppler, 61, 317 Carey Byrd Rd.; arrested March 29, for tampering with physical evidence.
James Douglas Dennis, 27, 317 Carey Byrd Rd.; arrested March 29, for resisting arrest by fleeing in a motor vehicle, controlled substance violation, disorderly conduct and reckless driving.
Shawn Tate Streza, 50, 374 Bradley Rd., Carriere; arrested March 30, for four counts of contempt of court and contributing to the delinquency or neglect of a child.
David Williams IV, 13, 777 Harry Sones Rd., Poplarville; arrested March 30, for felony murder.
Jessica Leigh Stanton, 36, 28 Broadridge Dr., Carriere; arrested April 2, for possession of paraphernalia.
Earl Joseph Dysart, 28, 28 Broadridge Dr., Carriere; arrested April 2, for simple/aggravated assault and resisting arrest by fleeing.
Amber Jean Langley, 31, 1220 Saint Charles St., Poplarville; arrested April 2, for DUI and possession of beer/wine in a dry county.
Robert Earl Rarick, 57, 420 Country Club Rd.; arrested March 31, for trespassing, petit larceny and possession of burglary tools.
Daniel Charles Harris, 37, 401 Whitesand Rd., Poplarville; arrested March 31, for four counts of sale, transfer or distribution of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct and probation violation.
Joshua L. Tidmore, 26, 502 Jackson St.; arrested March 31, for eluding an officer in a motor vehicle while endangering human life.
Matthew Joel King, 35, 69 Broadridge Dr., Carriere; arrested April 3, for petit larceny, disorderly conduct, commercial burglary and probation violation.
Savanah Danielle Miller, 32, 13 Diamond Lane; arrested April 3, for petit larceny and disorderly conduct.
Steven Edward Schultz, 31, 30 No Name Lane, Poplarville; arrested April 4, for failure to comply with officer requests.
Marty Reese Lee , 57, 10 Marlene’s Loop, Lumberton; arrested April 4, for possession of a controlled substance.
Brittany Maria Lang, 23, 14354 E. Crater Lake, Dr., Covington, La.; arrested April 7, for public drunk/profanity.

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