An Easter to remember

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 18, 2020

By Jan Miller Penton

Across the lake children are playing catch in their backyard. From my shady spot under a Live Oak I sit down to write and realize that this could be any other Monday afternoon from the look of things. One would never know the stress and strain the people of planet earth have been through and are still going through for that matter.
As I sat on my old Cyprus bench, a big fat squirrel started barreling through the yard straight for me. I sat waiting for him to notice a human on his bench, but he didn’t look up.
I finally found my voice and screeched loudly, “What are you doing?”
The squirrel, startled at my yelling, turned just in time to avert a collision. I laughed and laughed at our near mishap realizing that the difference in my routine is even affecting my furry friends. This time of day if we weren’t in quarantine I would probably be rambling around somewhere, but these days I’m only getting out when it is absolutely necessary.
Several of my friends have stated that although this Easter was very different from the ones in the past it will probably be right at the top of their lists of memorable events. I have to agree that this was an unforgettable Easter for my family, as well.
My computer sat on the loveseat in our sunroom as we gathered to worship online. The worship leader asked for all of us to stand and sing together, and although it felt a little awkward at first Ryan, Mike, and I stood and sang praises just as if we were in church. You know, come to think of it, we were in church.
And one of the absolutely beautiful things about this strange, troubling time to me is that the church has not been silenced. I have seen the church in action is so many ways. One example happened on Sunday afternoon. Debbie, one of my neighbors and a dear friend, sent out texts encouraging the ladies in our neighborhood to get cards ready for another friend who was hospitalized. We all wrote encouraging cards or letters that Debbie gathered and delivered to the hospital. The sweet folks there made sure Judy got her Easter greetings in a safe way, I’m sure. What could have been a sad day for our friend was a little brighter because Debbie took the initiative to get the ball rolling.
Instead of a few worship services in a city or town this year there were multitudes in homes across our land, and I love hearing about the projects, large and small, that folks are doing to help others. Throughout history when a church building was not available Christians worshipped in homes, under trees, and wherever they found themselves, and this year was no different. The church celebrated Easter all over the world regardless of our present circumstances because our Savior lives.

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