America: A nation on her knees

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 4, 2020

By Jan Miller Penton
The laughter of multiple generations filled my grandparents’ old farmhouse in Neshoba County, Mississippi, as we crowded into the living room. We didn’t need much of an excuse to gather as our family has always enjoyed the art of conversation and a good meal, but something happened on this day that burns in my memory.
An uneasiness began to settle over me as I looked around the room. Although there were plenty of adults and older children to watch the little ones my heart constricted almost painfully within my chest. I began to search the house and soon found Melinda playing with her cousins, but didn’t see my toddler, Robby.
“Has anyone seen Robby?”
“He was here just a minute ago, calm down honey,” my Mamaw answered.
“I’m sure Robby is playing in the bedroom with some of the cousins,” a well-meaning aunt chimed in.
I suppose the high pitch of my voice gave me away as the others smiled to themselves at what they must have considered my overzealous mom radar. But their words could not override my racing heart. Somehow, I just knew my son was in danger.
My legs couldn’t move fast enough as I ran out the door leaving the screen to slam behind me.
My world slowed to a crawl, and I heard a voice screaming my son’s name. ROBBY! The long gravel driveway disappeared as my feet kicked up dust, and soon I found myself at the edge of the highway staring at an eighteen-wheeler.
Gulps of air filled my burning lungs as I braced myself for the worst, but my panic vanished when the truck in my vision passed. My little man stood on the opposite side of the highway with his beautiful baby blues looking back at me. Many, many times I have thought of this moment and praised the name of Jesus.
When I realize how close this day came to disaster I am filled with awe at the way my God loves and cares for his children. How did I know Robby wasn’t somewhere else on the over 100-acre farm? There were plenty of other places to interest a little boy. Some people say that God doesn’t speak anymore, but I know better.
When David was preparing to battle Goliath he encouraged himself by thinking of all the times God had seen him through trouble. In I Samuel he tells of the time he killed a lion and a bear. This helped him build up his courage to run to the battle line and slay the giant in his life.
When I’m faced with my own giants the story of how God saved my son from harm buoys up my courage. Although America has many tools in her war chest against the pandemic we are facing, I believe that the strongest weapon in her arsenal is prayer.
I pray the God of heaven will intervene when he sees a nation on her knees.

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