A light at the end of the tunnel

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 11, 2020

Bu Jan Miller Penton

What have you learned about yourself from our present circumstances? I have realized anew what a social person I am, but I’ve also realized that I have a huge need to create and beautify. Not many things bring me more pleasure than working in my yard or writing, but I can’t do that all day so I’ve been creating culinary works of art. I say that with a hearty chuckle because my cooking is good, but nothing fancy.
I’ve been trying to get out each day and get a little exercise, but I’ve missed more than a few perfectly good opportunities to get moving. Missing a few walks combined with my extra not fancy, but fattening, cooking has reconfirmed my need to focus on maintaining a healthy weight.
President Trump tweeted out this week that there is light at the end of the tunnel with this crazy virus. I believe that since the shelter in place directive is being taken more seriously by many folks the end will come sooner rather than later; I pray so for sure.
With this encouragement I began to look forward to actually getting out and seeing people again only to realize that I’d better cut out some calories and get more exercise if I want to go out in something other than stretch pants.
I’m proud to say that I got my morning walk in, worked in the yard, and had a light breakfast today so I’m off to a good start. Instead of indulging in comfort food I’m going to cut my portions, and take another walk this evening.
Obviously, one of the other things that I’ve learned about myself is not such a great thing.
I tend to use food as a crutch to make myself feel better in stressful situations.
This is not a new revelation for me. I’ve fought the weight battle for many years, and for the most part I’ve caught myself in time to dig out of the pit before it gets too deep. I’ve noticed that people deal with stress in so many different ways, and this time the responses are not so different from the other stressful occasions we’ve encountered in our lives.
When I’m tempted to criticize others for making a joke out of everything, or hoarding toilet paper, or stubbornly continuing business as usual, I’ll try to remember that we are all dealing with an uncomfortable situation in our own way.
None of us are handling the quarantine perfectly, but I think this is a perfect opportunity for us to give others and ourselves a break. Let’s be kind.
No doubt we will all be different when this pandemic is under control. Can you remember people who lived through the Great Depression?
Those that I knew were hard working, frugal, and generous. How will the pandemic change us? I believe if we are prayerful and willing, God will use this time to bring out the best in us.

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