Slow and steady in this time of uncertainty

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 28, 2020

We’re only a couple of weeks into this uncertain time of closures, cancellations and limited access to many of the goods and services we’ve come to take for granted in modern society.
In that short time, many of us have taken notice that shelves full of toilet paper, meeting a friend for lunch at a favorite locally owned restaurant and procuring the simplest of medical services, such as a pair of glasses or a simple cleaning at the dentist, are now a luxury.
One thing you, our readers, don’t have to worry about in Pearl River County is losing access to the Picayune Item. We will continue to strive, as we have since 1904, to keep you informed.
That’s because we take pride in the fact that local news outlets are the public’s lifeline to accurate information.
What you may be worried about is how this pandemic will affect our local economy. And while it’s a valid concern, think back to the days after Hurricane Katrina.
Even though we are in uncharted waters of a pandemic and how it will affect our daily lives long term, we know South Mississippians, like all Americans, are resilient. That is especially true of our small business owners.
It takes great resilience to take a business idea and bring it into reality. It takes even more gusto to push through the hard times to navigate an unknown situation and come out stronger than ever.
Yes, these closures and restrictions are important to maintain the health of our citizens. So, while they continue we can still do our part to help promote the livelihood of our local economy. If you are able, support those local businesses who are offering limited services in this trying time.
And most importantly, remember that while it may take time, just like after Katrina things will go back to normal.

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