Danny Collier named new Poplarville police chief

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Poplarville Board of Aldermen promoted Captain Danny Collier to Chief of Police at their regular meeting Tuesday.

Collier has worked in law enforcement in the region for 25 years, and began working at the Poplarville Police Department in 2009. Over the last year, Collier moved up from patrolman, to sergeant to captain, and was planning to retire, before being asked to serve as Chief of Police.

“I guess the good Lord stepped in and said, ‘you’re not quite finished yet,’” said Collier.

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Collier began his career in 1993 as a relief dispatcher for the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department. He then became a corrections officer at the county jail, before working as a deputy sheriff. Collier attended the police academy in 1994 in Harrison County.

In 2008, Collier was laid off from the Sheriff’s Department when leadership changed, and worked in construction until 2009 when he became a full time officer at the Poplarville Police Department. In 2013, Collier took a break from law enforcement work, but eventually returned to it.

“Law enforcement is my calling I guess. I keep getting pulled back into it,” said Collier.

Collier said he plans to rearrange some of the officers, to ensure there are capable people in leadership positions and make sure the department is headed in a positive direction. He also wants to make sure that all of the patrolmen have the proper training they need.

The department currently has two open full time officer positions, but Collier does not foresee having an issue filling those positions with qualified people.
Collier said he sees drug use in the community as one of the biggest challenges for the department.

The previous police chief was in the position for less than a year. Collier said his ultimate goal is to stay for as long as it takes to get everything at the department running smoothly.

“Hopefully I can do that in the next few years and then move on and let someone else step up,” said Collier.

At the new chief’s recommendation, officer Greg Williams was promoted to the captain position that Collier vacated.