Arrest reports collected from the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 27, 2020

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 29, 2020

Diaz Maricruz, 35, 1801 Highway 11 S. Lot 32; arrested Feb. 2, for DUI.

Trevor Ryan Sones, 27, 19213 Henery Harley, Saucier; arrested Feb. 2, for carrying of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon, probation violation and petit larceny.

Richard Joseph Lumpkin, 41, 43 Robinshaw; arrested Feb. 2, for commercial burglary.

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Ruby Cherolyn Smith, 39, 346 Carey Bryd Rd., Carriere; arrested Feb. 4, for DUI second.

Benjamin William Robinson, 47, 6 Walnut Grove Lane; arrested Feb. 10, for five contempt of court warrants.

Michael Edmond McGehee, 46, 130 Alan Rd., Carriere; arrested Feb. 11, for DUI and possession of beer/wine in a dry county.

Leroy Washington, 34, 196 Old Creek Rd.; arrested Feb. 11, for two contempt of court warrants.

Jadon Keyant Charles, 25, 1626 Beech St., Slidell, La.; arrested Feb. 11, DUI.

James Thomas Williamson, 42, 102 Jasmine Dr., Nicholson; arrested Feb. 12, for controlled substance violations.

Kayla Louise Stapleton, 29, 298 Pea Ridge Rd.; arrested Feb. 13, for contempt of court and possession of paraphernalia.

Alexis Marie Magwood, 26, 1507 Binder St.; arrested Feb. 13, for contributing to the neglect of a minor.

Christifer Michael Torbet, 34, 16 Kerry Lane, Carriere; arrested Feb. 14, for controlled substance violation.

Derrick Fitzgerald Patrick, 20, 1627 Rosa St.; arrested Feb. 14, for felony commercial burglary.

Anthony Martin, 31, 24R2 Recreation, Picayune; arrested Feb. 14, for DUI.

Javaze Kashawn Bowden, 23, 10 Moore, Poplarville; arrested Feb. 15, for possession of a controlled substance, careless driving, no driver’s license, obstructing a public street, failure to comply with officer requests and probation violation.

Jeffery Stuart Smith, 44, 1135 S. Rock Ranch Rd.; arrested Feb. 15, for DUI, motor vehicle lighting equipment violation, no driver’s license and possession of beer or wine in a dry county.

Dwayne Easley, 36, 7790 Highway 43 S., Poplarville; arrested Feb. 16, for disturbing the peace.

Anthony Lance Alexius, 33, 532 Slade Woodard Dr., Poplarville; arrested Feb. 16, for petit larceny, felony commercial burglary, improper lighting equipment, attempted crime and trespassing.

Dominique Lavon Hendershot, 22, 36 Pittman Rd., Poplarville; arrested Feb. 16, for attempted crime, felony commercial burglary, credit card fraud and controlled substance violation.

Clinton Fay Stevens, 39, 5188 Highway 43, Carriere; arrested Feb. 17, for felony commercial burglary.

Alisha Lauren Craft, 29, 122 Curlie Seal Rd.; arrested Feb. 18, for two counts of contempt of court and probation violation.

Trena Marie Martin, 19, 161 Jordan McQueen Rd.; arrested Feb. 18, for disorderly conduct failure to comply.

Angelo Michael Russo, 45, 74 Oak Point Rd.; arrested Feb. 19, for foreign fugitive warrant.

Jonathan Brett Alderman, 31, 72 Stegall Rd.; arrested Feb. 19, for possession of a controlled substance.

Antoine Darnell Cooper, 36, 1007 Merrydale Dr.; arrested Feb. 20, for two controlled substance violations, possession of paraphernalia, improper lighting equipment and no tag.

Amber Lenore Carter, 34, 1270 Youngs Station Rd., Cedartown, Ga.; arrested Feb. 21, for public drunk/profanity, possession of paraphernalia and controlled substance violation.

Andre Martin Evans, 26, Will Thompson Rd.; arrested Feb. 22, for felony trafficking of a controlled substance.

Julia Austin Asbury, 26, 1613 Manson Ave., Metairie, La.; arrested Feb. 22, for controlled substance violation.

Kenneth Ray Patterson, 47, 2427 East Canal St.; arrested Feb. 22, for resisting arrest by fleeing in a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct failure to comply.

Justin Kyle Deloach, 32, 64 Sealcrest Dr.; arrested Feb. 24, for contempt of court.

Justin Ryan Garrett, 25, 18 Rolling Oaks Dr.; arrested Feb. 24, for two counts of felony grand larceny.

Jeremy Matthew Stockstill, 22, 26340 Lee Town Rd.; arrested Feb. 25, for DUI.

Terry Jefferson, 42, 1156 Borghn Ave., Bogalusa, La.; arrested Feb. 26, for DUI, reckless driving, resisting arrest by fleeing in a motor vehicle, no driver’s license and foreign fugitive warrant.