Board acknowledges landfill hearing and updates road index

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 24, 2020

TransAmerican Waste wants to expand their service area for waste brought to Central Landfill in Millard to include the entirety of all counties and parishes within a 75-mile radius of the landfill.

According to previous coverage, the landfill’s service area currently does include some areas outside of the county. The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors is accepting comments on the request and acknowledged that a public hearing to accept comments will be held on Feb. 19 at 10 a.m.

During the 30-day comment period, comments about the requested expansion can be sent to the County Administrator by mail at P.O. Box 569, Poplarville, MS 39470 or via fax at 601-403-2309. The request was submitted in November, and accepted by the Board in December, which began the six to eight month process to amend the solid waste management plan.

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In a separate matter, the Board updated the county’s road index, which included removing seven roads that were annexed by Poplarville, removing parts of 35 roads annexed by Picayune and removing three roads that were abandoned. The county also removed parts of two roads that were abandoned. Five roads were removed from the index, because there are no roads at those locations, said County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin.

The Board added 51 roads to the road index that are part of subdivisions. Length corrections were made on 20 roads, but the amount of those roads that the county maintains has not changed. The lengths were just incorrectly recorded in the 2010 road index, Lumpkin said.

In a separate matter, the Board nominated District I Supervisor Donald Hart to serve on the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District Board of Directors again and nominated Hart to begin serving on the Twin Districts Workforce Development Area Local Elected Officials Board of Directors. Former District IV Supervisor Farron Moeller was previously appointed to the second board. J. Patrick Lee was also nominated to serve on the SMPDD board.