Use safe fireworks practices

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 31, 2019

With a 2020 approaching, many families will want to ring it in with a bang by putting on their own fireworks display.
Fireworks are legal for use in the city limits of Picayune from Dec. 5, to Jan. 2 of each year, according to the city’s code of ordinances Sec. 58-3.
Poplarville City Clerk Jane O’Neal, said that while fireworks can be sold within the city limits of Poplarville, the city’s ordinance prohibits fireworks from being ignited within the municipal limits.
There is no ordinance for the use of fireworks outside municipal limits within Pearl River County.
For those who live within an area that allows the use of fireworks during New Year’s Eve, some safety measures should be followed to avoid injury.
The National Safety Council suggests that only adults handle and ignite fireworks. If older children are to be involved in the discharging of fireworks, adult supervision should be employed.
Alcohol and drug use while using fireworks is not advised; protective clothing and eyewear use is suggested.
All fireworks should be ignited outdoors away from flammable objects or materials. Fireworks should never be ignited in a person’s hand or a container, and should never be thrown or pointed at other people.
After igniting a firework, stand a safe distance from it and avoid the urge to reignite a firework if it does not discharge. Instead place dud fireworks in a bucket of water for a few hours before disposing of them, the National Safety Council states.
In spite of their appeal to younger children, the National Safety Council advises parents against giving them sparklers because they burn at about 2,000 degrees and can quickly catch clothing on fire, or burn the skin. In lieu of sparklers, it is suggested to provide children with glow sticks, streamers or confetti poppers.

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