PRC color guard staying sharp in second semester

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pearl River Central’s color guard program is a young bunch and Director Haley Jones said at times the inexperience showed during performances.

However, now the members will have a better concept of what it means to be a part of a halftime show and the work necessary to make it run smoothly.

“It’s hard to teach them what marching band means and I think when they come back next year they’ll know what to expect and how hard they have to work to be good,” Jones said.

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Jones said the majority of the athletes from football season will participate in Winter Guard.

Winter Guard is similar to what the athletes did when on the field performing with the band at halftime, but instead of being outside the performance takes place indoors without the band.

Not only will being a part of Winter Guard help give some of the younger members more experience, but it will also keep their skills sharp for when band rehearsals roll around.

“If we can keep them competing, then they’re not going to be rusty,” Jones said.

Jones will also be taking the color guard to a summer camp, which will help the members bond with each other and learn how to better perform as a unit.

Jones said that familiarizing the members with each other translates to better performances.

“We went to camp last year and the girls loved it. It just helps bond the girls and it’s easier to work as team when you know each other,” Jones said.

The athletes will become more comfortable and confident going into a performance and Jones hopes the increased comfort levels will lead to the athletes helping each other more often.

“To be able to look at a neighbor and say ‘I can help with that.’ I think if we’d been more critical in a positive way it would’ve helped,” Jones said.

The group will continue growing and the performances will improve if the athletes put in the necessary time and work.

A major source of growth this year came from the athletes working on a show that challenged their abilities.

Jones said this year’s show was very different from previous years and she was happy with the way her protégées adapted.

“We really pushed them to step out of their comfort zone with the make up and hair. I just want them to express how much they enjoy what they’re doing to the audience,” Jones said.

Through participation in Winter Guard and a summer camp the athletes will be locked and loaded for the start of the next football season.