PRC basketball gaining experience on the court

Published 7:00 am Friday, November 29, 2019

The Blue Devils’ basketball team is off to a fast start this season.

PRC is currently 5-2, which included a five-game winning streak to open the season before losing the next two games.

Head Coach Scott Stephens knew after last season his players needed to do a better job of reading the game.

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Making the right decision at the right time and cutting down on mistakes were the main areas of focus for the players heading into the season. Stephens said his players have progressed in that part of the game.

“I think it’s a combination of us figuring out how to play the right way and doing a lot of good things down the stretch that allows us to win. We still have a ways to go, but I think it’s definitely progressed,” Stephens said.

Even in the team’s two losses against Stone and St. Patrick the team only had a combined 15 turnovers during the two games.

The team is young with only three seniors on the squad, but even with that caveat Stephens said his team is doing a good job of taking care of the ball.

“We’re definitely moving in the right direction as far as our decision making and making the right play,” Stephens said.

PRC’s most recent game was against St. Patrick, which ended with a loss for the Blue Devils of 61-42.

Stephens said his team didn’t play poorly, but that a poor shooting performance is what ultimately hindered the Blue Devils’ ability to come out with a win.

“We probably had the worst shooting performance I’ve ever been a part of and that’s not a team you can play poorly against and still win,” Stephens said.

Now the team will have a short layoff before playing Pine on Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m.

During the layoff Stephens and his players will try and improve upon several key areas of the game during practice.

Stephens said the team’s rebounding and team defense need work, while also honing in on what has been causing the shooting woes for the Blue Devils.

“I think once we take care of those three things we can start moving in the right direction again,” Stephens said.

Teams with a plethora of young players usually rely on the leadership of veteran players.

Getting people in the right spot during games, being positive and making sure everyone is going full speed in practice are just a few of the responsibilities for a basketball team’s leader.

Stephens said he needs an athlete to step up and claim that role as the team rapidly approaches district play.

“We have to have guys step up and take a leadership role by putting our team in a situation to win. I’d like to see us take the next step,” Stephens said.