PRC golf athlete earns a top 10 finish

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 12, 2019

Kelsey Dill was initially hesitant to pick up the sport of golf as a seventh grader.

She was already involved in the swim team, and wanted her energy to be focused on improving in the pool.

However, after a year of contemplation Dill decided to give golf a try during her eighth grade year, and immediately fell in love.

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Now she’s constantly competing in Kelly Gibson tournaments, and improving her score consistently.

Dill practices at the Diamondhead Golf Course in Diamondhead, Mississippi.

The practices are intense, and focused on specific parts of her game.

While there are varying aspects to the game of golf, Dill said the short game, such as putting, is where winning and losing occurs.

Dill said that not only has she improved on the course, but golf has helped her outside of the sport itself.

“It has really taught me how to be patient,” Dill said.

“Golf would stress me out, but now golf has taken away some stress. It’s such a calming sport.”

Competitive tournaments can sometimes last up to four and a half hours, and that’s where learning to be patient has been key for Dill.

What was once a source of stress has turned into a passion that Dill wants to pursue after high school.

Dill said that competing in tournaments and doing well can lead to college scholarships, which is another benefit of her constant improvement and top placements.

When preparing for the tournaments, Dill tries to maintain a positive mindset and go out on the course to enjoy herself.

“I try to keep myself calm and say to myself, ‘You’re just going to go out and have fun,’” Dill said.

“That’s what tournaments are all about. The main goal is to have fun.”

On September 7 and 8, Dill participated in the Allstate Sugar Bowl Fall Series at Carter Plantation in Springfield, Louisiana.

She shot an 85 the first day, and 86 the second day.

Those scores were good enough to earn her seventh place out of 19 girls, and it was also the first time Dill had scored in the 80s during a Kelly Gibson tournament.

“It’s felt really good because I’ve put so much time into it, and pushed important things off for golf,” Dill said.

“Finishing in the top 10 was very rewarding. I put so much into it and it shows I can actually do it.”

That sacrifice is paying off for Dill, and she said placing that high is something she can build on.

“I skipped senior homecoming for the golf tournament,” Dill said.

“So that’s the thing I’m really excited about from this last tournament is how I played.” The actual golf season for PRC’s golfers is still a couple of months away, but Dill is already prepared after her most recent tournament.