Barry should serve as a reminder to prep for the season

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 13, 2019

This weekend, Pearl River County residents prepared for and dealt with a deluge of rain that  was the result of Tropical Storm Barry making landfall.

While Barry pales in comparison to more major storms such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Camille, the rains that are falling this weekend and the winds Barry brings should be a reminder that being prepared for hurricane season is wise.

Before Barry came ashore, did you check your generator to see if it will start and that it has enough fuel? Did you get enough food and water for you and your family?

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While Tropical Storm Barry’s winds may not be as strong as a category three or four storm, and therefore we were less likely to suspect there would be a need for those things, this is just the beginning of the season.

There is still the possibility that a stronger storm will develop as the months progress and if it does it may just take a path similar to Katrina or Camille. If that occurs we all will need more than just a working generator and plenty of supplies. Should a stronger storm approach, many people will consider evacuation in lieu of weathering the storm. That will mean contra flow will be enacted along Interstate 59, creating a traffic headache for anyone who waited until the last minute to leave the Gulf Coast area.

Planning an evacuation route ahead of time, especially one that won’t be used by the majority of the fleeing population from Hancock County and St. Tammany Parish, will mean you and your family will have a less stressful road trip, and also mean you and your loved ones can reach a safe place much faster.

If you are able to evacuate before a major storm strikes, it’s best to have that route planned.