Start of summer mean mosquito population booms

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 22, 2019

As of Friday, we officially entered our second season, summer.

While the heat has been in South Mississippi for several weeks, we are now in the time of year when not only do temperatures rise, but so do the numbers of flying insects that bite with impunity.

If you haven’t seen them yet, you are lucky, but that luck is going to run out soon. As the summer rains leave pools of standing water, mosquitoes will begin to breed, leaving small worm-like spawn in their wake.

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Within a short time, those larvae will turn into adult mosquito menaces that can ruin most any outdoor function or activity.

Outside of trying to use special sprays, candles and lotions to ward them off the best way to ensure their numbers don’t rise to epic proportions is to minimize the number of available breeding grounds.

Even the most everyday item can be a place for the next generation of mosquitoes to grow to adulthood. Tires are the worst, since it’s nearly impossible to remove all of the water. If you have old tires around the house, you can dispose of them for free at the county barn in Millard. The only catch is you will have to bring it to the barn during operating hours, which are Monday through Friday until 5 p.m.

Take a minute to empty old birdbaths, buckets and other sources of standing water.

Your skin will thank you.