EOC offering help to those who lost medicines in flood

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 17, 2019

Residents who lost their life-saving medications in floodwaters are getting help from the Emergency Operations Center, said Deputy Director Shawn Wise. People who were displaced by the floods, had water damage or lost their essential medications, such as insulin or high blood pressure medication, are receiving referrals to Manna Ministries and the American Red Cross, who can help them get new prescriptions for their medication, he said.

Volunteer agencies are on standby to provide medical referrals or volunteer assistance and get them started on the road to recovery, Wise said.

Locally, the EOC has already made 10 referrals to Manna Ministries, Wise said. The organization offers free primary medical care, according to its website.

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The EOC is partnering with state Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, which includes the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, he said.

“There are a slew of folks we have on standby to provide assistance to these folks,” Wise said.

Currently, 40 people have reported damage to their homes in relation to Saturday’s storm, he said. The EOC has not been able to assess the damage at all of those properties yet, Wise said. He expects that number to increase, Wise said.

The EOC is in the information gathering stage, Wise said, so the organization can do damage assessment. EOC staff are working to determine peoples’ needs and can help folks find assistance in the removal of damaged household goods, or debris from damaged homes, he said. The EOC wants everyone who needs help to get it, he said.

Residents affected by the flooding can go to the EOC headquarters at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 26 or call 601-795-3058.