Picayune school board takes annual tour

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Picayune School District Board of Trustees took their annual tour of the eight schools for which they are responsible Tuesday morning and came away impressed with the work of each school’s staff, students and parents.

Picayune Early Head Start, guided by the leadership of Dr. Pam Thomas, was the first stop for the board members.

Superintendent Dean Shaw drove the board members in a traditional school bus, and announced to the board what they were about to see was not “a dog and pony show.”

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“This is what takes place every day,” Shaw emphasized.

Thomas explained the school has ten classes and four transitional classrooms.

She said the school is in the process of going paperless, with the demonstration of having the board members sign in with a computer pad just as any visitor or volunteer to the school would be required to do.

Along the tour, board members were able to watch students doing different physical and musical drills that help to build the primary knowledge necessary to begin their secondary education careers.

“You can see the materials and the set-ups are all a little different because of the age groups and designed to get them ready for pre-kindergarten,” Thomas said.

She told the board Early Head Start also helps children with difficulties such as autism.

“That is done in the classroom because we do inclusion. We don’t separate,” Thomas said.

Board chairperson Frank Ford said board members appreciate having the chance to see the staff and facilities in action.

“I get tremendous satisfaction seeing that we are getting great benefit from our tax dollars and giving these kids a true head start as well as a jump start on life,” Fox said.