Picayune Police Department arrest reports collected on Nov. 30, 2018

Published 3:36 pm Friday, November 30, 2018

Cynthia Gaynell Holland, 43, 54 Oak Point Rd.; arrested Nov. 16, for possession of paraphernalia.

James Thomas Williams, 41, 102 Jasmine Dr.; arrested Nov. 16, for driving while license suspended.

Beau Joseph Barrileaux, 43, 114 Baucum Rd., Carriere; arrested Nov. 16, for possession of bonded whiskey.

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Meagan Ruth Ann Baker, 19, 5 Road 207; arrested Nov. 9, for failure to appear warrant with Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department.

Diamante Quantae Myers, 25, 2105 Cousin St.; arrested Nov. 8, for malicious mischief warrant.

Ryan Jordan Lane Dickerson, 20, 2801 Cooper Rd., Apt. L47; arrested Nov. 14, for possession of a controlled substance.

Cristan Charles B. Jarvis, 26, 8050 Claypool Rd., Arlington, Texas; arrested Nov. 14, for warrant with Arundnel County Sheriff’s Department, Annapolis, Maryland.

Eric Deshaen Vaughn, 23, 616 Richard St.; arrested Nov. 14, for resisting arrest by fighting, disorderly conduct, failure to comply warrants.

Christopher Antonio Goods, 44, 911 Baylous St.; arrested Nov. 12, for possession of marijuana.

Kayle Jerrod Abram, 33, 601 Jarrell St.; arrested Nov. 15, for trespassing and possession of paraphernalia.

Judie Vanessa Mentor, 62, 8908 Highway 613, Lot 7, Moss Point; arrested Nov. 7, for false identifying information.

Zachery Kyle Hardie, 30, 21140 Lawrence Rd., Kiln; arrested Nov. 7, for public drunk.

Arenz Thomas Adams, 31, 122 South Green Ave.; arrested Nov. 7, for shoplifting warrant.

Jessica Marie Moreno, 41, 1509s Proper St., Corinth; arrested Nov. 16, for public drunk and possession of marijuana.

Cheryl Michelle Lossett, 42, 63 Magnolia Dr.; arrested Nov. 17, for shoplifting $134 in merchandise.

Jason Curtis Ryals, 41, 107 Willow St.; arrested Nov. 19, for public drunk.

Raymond Theodore Rodgers, 43, 122 Ridgeview Dr., Carriere; arrested Nov. 19, for credit card fraud warrant.

Steven Kendall Sanderson, 57, 79 George Pearson Rd.; arrested Nov. 19, for felony possession of a controlled substance and commercial burglary.

Adrain McCray, 50, 613 Lewis Circle; arrested Nov. 19, for driving while license suspended.

Sebastian Dijon Ryle, 22, 25525 Pinecrest Dr.; arrested Nov. 20, for possession of a controlled substance.

Houston Thomas Powe, 23, 81 McCarthy Island Rd.; arrested Nov. 20, for failure to appear warrant.

Kyle Jean Lacoste, 23, 141 Joe Flemming Rd.; arrested Nov. 20, for driving while license suspended.

Carrie Jo Beall, 35, 101 Maple St.; arrested Nov. 26, for possession of paraphernalia and failure to appear warrant with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department.

Michael Jabson Mavenyengwa, 21, 1705 Read Rd., Apt. B; arrested Nov .24, for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Ryan Jordan Lane Dickerson, 20, 1516 Adcox Rd., Apt. B; arrested Nov. 25, for public drunk.

Mary Elizabeth Strickland, 50, 180 A White Chapel Rd., Carriere; arrested Nov. 28, for shoplifting $49 in merchandise.

Daniel Wayne Gamso, 27, 201 Forest St., Apt. 11; arrested Nov. 24, for DUI.

Victoria Cazes Pope, 37, 52 Oliver Davis Rd.; arrested Nov. 23, for public drunk.

Brandon Paul Labarge, 29, 124 East 116th St., Galliano, La.; arrested Nov. 24, for possession of stolen property.

Bruce Leon Emery Jr., 30, 318 Clark St.; arrested Nov. 24, for shoplifting $2.68 in merchandise.

Johnice Ann Sparcello, 54, 29 Forrest Lane, Carriere; arrested failure to appear warrant.

Michael Bryan Fisher, 34, 293 Ceasar Rd.; arrested Nov. 21, for contempt of court warrant.

Brandon Dewitt Ball, 33, 2308 Robers Dr., Gulfport; arrested Nov. 25, for a warrant with MDOC.

Larry Paul, 46, 2700 Marry Davis, Slidell, La.; arrested Nov. 27, for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and possession of paraphernalia.