Abandoned house on River Road catches fire

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tall plumes of smoke caught the attention of Nicholson residents Friday morning after an abandoned home caught fire.

Nicholson Volunteer Fire Department Chief Bobby Robbins said the fire was initially reported as a forest fire. However, when firefighters arrived on scene, they discovered that an old home had caught fire and became fully involved quickly.

Robbins said the residence had been abandoned for years ever since its prior owner passed away. He said neighbors informed him that the home was often the subject of vandalism. Robbins said he suspects the fire could have been an act of arson, since the home had no electricity or gas services. However, he said it is impossible to know the true cause.

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Before the fire started, brush and trees around the home had grown so thickly that the building couldn’t be seen from the road. Robbins said firefighters brought their engine to the scene and extinguished the fire around the building’s perimeter.

Because of the type of lumber used to build old houses like the one that caught fire, it was impossible to put out the flames on the structure itself. Robbins said the building will likely smolder over the next few days until it goes out on its won. For good measure, Robbins said firefighters will keep a close eye on the area over the next few days to ensure the flames don’t spread. After Friday’s heavy rain, though, Robbins said he doubts they will have anything to worry about.

Fire Marshal Albert Lee said he is currently working to determine who the home belonged to.