Unofficial election results for state and Pearl River County

Published 7:00 am Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Mississippi state primary election took place Tuesday, June 5 to elect members of the Senate and 4th Congressional District House seat.

Statewide, for the Senate seat, Howard Sherman (D) received 27,150 votes (32 percent) and David Baria (D) received 26,378 votes (31 percent.) A runoff election will be held June 26 to elect which of the two will represent the Democratic Party in the general election.

Incumbent Roger Wicker won the GOP Senate candidacy with 127,688 votes (83 percent of the total votes in Mississippi). Richard Boyanton received 26,560 votes (17 percent).

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For House District 4, incumbent Steven Palazzo won the House candidacy with 29,773 votes (71 percent of the total cast across Mississippi). Brian Rose received 12,448 votes (29 percent).

Jeramey Anderson was uncontested and will represent the Democratic Party for the District 4 House seat in the general election.

In Pearl River County, a total of 3,470 ballots were cast. This includes regular and absentee votes. This number represents just over 10 percent of the total number of registered voters in the County.

For the Senate, David Baria (D) received 157 votes, Jensen Bohren (D) received 21 votes, Jerone Garland (D) received 25 votes, Victor G. Maurice Jr (D) received 15 votes, Omeria Scott (D) received 189 votes and Howard Sherman (D) received 71 votes. On the Republican side, R. Warren Boyanton (R) received 804 votes and Roger F. Wicker (R) received 2119 votes.

For the House seat, incumbent Steven Palazzo (R) received

2272 votes and E. Brian Rose (R) received 681 votes. Jeramey Anderson (D) received 416 votes.

Pearl River County Circuit Clerk Nance Stokes said a total of 50 affidavit ballots were cast. She said voters will have until Tuesday, June 12 at 5 p.m. to fulfill necessary voting requirements. The election results will be certified the following morning, on Wednesday, June 13.