Keep a nature journal

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nature journals are a unique way to enjoy the outdoors. Unlike regular journals where a person writes about their day-to-day life, nature journals focus on what is seen, heard and experienced in nature.

When I was younger, I kept a nature journal handy when I went out hiking or exploring the nearby woods. I would carry my journal with me until I saw something interesting, like a bird feeding her babies or a lizard running up a tree. Then, I would sit down, pull out my book and start writing.

Often, I would try to sketch what I saw to go along with my description. If I found an interesting looking leaf or flower, I would usually pick it and press it in my journal with a short description next to it.

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Looking back, I realized keeping this type of journal helped me in a lot of ways while growing up.

Having a journal inspired me to get outside so I could add more drawings, flowers and descriptions to my collection. It helped me be more aware of nature and my surroundings while I was outside.

It also built upon my writing and drawing skills, since I always challenged myself to think of new and interesting ways to describe the things I saw.

On Thursday, the Crosby Arboretum will hold a Children’s Workshop to teach young people how to keep their own nature journal. Arboretum Director Pat Drackett said children will make their own journal and then will go out and explore the Arboretum in search of something to put in it.

Having a nature journal gave me a reason to be more creative and more active as a child.

Encouraging children to get outside and pursue activities like this can provide a fun, creative outlet during the summer.