Encourage an early interest in science

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Every day scientists learn something new about the world.

Science has led to every great technological innovation in history, from the wheel in ancient times, to smartphones and the internet. Science is at the core of the modern world. Because of its importance in life, we should encourage children to develop an interest and understanding of science at an early age. The INFINITY Space Center recently added several interactive exhibits to teach children about the coastal impact of storm surges and about the activity of water systems in different elevations. A new 3D theater, which uses laser projection also opened and can seat up to 90 people. Some of the concepts like storm surge and the dynamic between water flow and elevation can be hard for a child to comprehend.

The use of hands-on exhibits like the ones introduced at INFINITY can help captivate a child and help them learn. Interacting with sandboxes and customizable coastal cities lets children have fun, while also teaching them valuable things about the environment. Educating children about science at a young age can have several benefits.

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Learning about the Earth gives children not only a greater understanding of our planet, but a greater respect for it as well. Having a firm understanding of scientific topics can help children be more mindful of the environment as an adult, help them succeed in school and even prepare them for a career as an innovator in a scientific field. Encourage children to take a look at the world around them and develop a greater understanding of their environment for the benefit of future generations.