Donate to troops fighting to protect the nation

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Often, it is easy to take the simple facets of modern day life for granted. That’s especially true of things like shirts, toothbrushes and other every day products people in America can find in just about any store. However, for troops stationed overseas, those items are much harder to come by.

Recently the Poplarville Rotary Club donated several hundreds of dollars in supplies to troops in the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team Bravo Company. The effort began with the request of a mother of one of the service men who often have to go without those simple necessities while deployed.

Soldiers deployed overseas have a limited number of personal items they can take with them. Many, if not most of the countries where they are deployed don’t have large shopping centers where they can purchase the simplest of items. Instead, they mostly rely on what they are provided by the military. So when an family member or a club from their community provides these care package donations, you could imagine it’s a lot like Christmas to those men and women. Because, not only are they receiving items that can make their lives more comfortable while away from home, they also see that someone is thinking of them and their service to our country. 

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There are dozens of charities designed to make life a little better for those in the military. Some ask for money so troops can have funds to call home, others ask for toiletries and other personal items and others request snacks and hand-written letters to help support the troops.

Soldiers have to deal with a lot in their line of work.

They live through traumatic events and risk their lives every day in the line of duty. While it may not seem like much, donating even a few small things may make the difference to a soldier overseas.