Codes are in place for a reason

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 6, 2018

While we live in a free country, there are still some rules and regulations that we all must abide by to ensure the safety of the public.

One of those laws, especially within the city limits of Picayune, is to obtain a burn permit before burning vegetative debris.

This rule is in place to first ensure the fire department is aware debris will be burned and to ensure that the burning will be conducted safely.

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However, burning trash in a dumpster is ill advised. We would also suggest a fire not be started in a dumpster located near a gas station.

But that’s what occurred Tuesday afternoon at a gas station located on Highway 11 in the north end of Picayune. Item staff watched as a representative of the business tried to use a small garden hose to control the flames before adding more items to the dumpster.

When the flames appeared to get out of hand, the man tried to quell them by putting the lid of the dumpster over the flames. Instead of solving the problem, it only made the situation worse, adding plastic to the fuel load.

Fearing the fire would spread, we called the Picayune Fire Department to get the situation under control. When firefighters arrived, they saw the man attempting to add more fuel to the fire, but he was stopped by the commanding firefighter.

Item staff later overhead the man tell one firefighter he intentionally set the fire in the dumpster in an effort to reduce the level of trash inside. Even though it rained off and on that day, it’s never a good idea to burn anything in a large dumpster, especially when that dumpster is located at or near a gas station. Even though the pumps were located on the opposite side of the property, we would hate to think what would have happened had the fire gotten out of control and spread. Please be mindful of the city’s ordinance against burning items unless a permit has been acquired. And, resist the urge to burn items in a dumpster.