Small businesses owners should seek help

Published 7:00 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

Just about every large business in existence today started out as a small, locally owned enterprise.

Those with the urge to branch out on their own to create something unique succeeded in that path, but the road was not paved with concrete.

Instead, those early entrepreneurs traversed a difficult road made up of dirt, mud holes and dilapidated bridges only to reach their destination of success.

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It may seem as though every business model has been tested and proven by now.

But those with the dream of starting their own business should never abandon that desired milestone. 

What they should do instead is research those successful business models and find inventive ways to mold them to suit their own needs.

If someone is considering opening a store selling used but desired items, look into what worked for past businesses, and most of all take note of what didn’t.

There have been countless attempts at opening one particular business or another.

And while a used bookstore may sound like a good idea, such an endeavor won’t work very well if a particular market has already reached its saturation point.

Alternately, consider putting a twist on the idea. While used books could be part of the stock, adding other related items to the inventory may garner a larger interest, increasing the customer base.

Potential entrepreneurs should also remember that help is available through the Small Business Administration. It offers a number of avenues to turn the dirt road of entrepreneurship into a gravel road, or maybe even a path paved with stone. Outside of the upcoming workshop set for later in the month, SBA has a number of programs and information that can help people form business plans, secure grants and eventually get their small business off the ground. Because, our country was built upon the foundation of giving hard working people the freedom to achieve their dreams.