Living right in a Real World, part 2

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 11, 2018

By Gwen Williams 

am convinced there exists many churches led by godly pastors, preaching the gospel message, but the problem occurs among the listeners.

They are hearers and not doers.

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Church membership sounds like an interesting item on a resume rather than a life-style.  God established his church as the place for believers to understand who he is and what his instructions are for living right in a real world.

Church is the healing place for those fighting with the enemy to find restoration and forgiveness. It’s the only place where genuine love exists.

How can a believer attend service after service yet fall for the enemy’s lies?

Pulpits reveal messages of what is right, but seldom reveal how to make them work in a real world.

Most of us have the intelligence to understand rules are for our good, but reality meets us as we move among demonic forces that lure us into what feels good rather that what’s right.

From the pulpit to the door “what’s right” permeates every being inside the church, but real meets us at the door leading us to that real world waiting outside.

Real and right often have this conversation: Marriage is between male and female for a lifetime is what’s right, but I’ve been hurt and abused so I look for love wherever I find it.

Stealing is wrong, but I cannot afford to pay full price for what I need to take care of my family.

I must pay my bills first and give to the church later.

Lying is wrong, but survival is what’s needed so a good lie makes for good relationships.

I love my children and do the best I can to raise them right, but I must parent alone just trying to do what I understand.

I know what’s right, but I live in what’s real. O wretched man I am.

What can I do?

To live right in a real world takes fellowship with other believers.

Praying together, studying the word together is what keeps us strong as we face the temptations of the enemy.

God is still sending strong believers to help those who are weak showing them: How to make it work!