Arrest reports collected rom the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department on May 14, 2018

Published 10:38 am Monday, May 14, 2018

Darren Elbert Adams, 32, 98306 N. First St., Pearl River, La.; arrested May 1, for DUI and possession of marijuana.

Anthony Wormser, 21, 851 Sones Chapel Rd., Poplarville; arrested May 1, for controlled substance violation.

Isabelle Toutges, 23, 125 Old Creek Rd.; arrested May 1, for controlled substance violation.

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James Charles Hutchison, 56, 17 R+A Drive, Poplarville; arrested May 2, for failure to register as a sex offender and probation violation.

Shannon Stockstill, 40, 6 Gas Drive, Carriere; arrested May 3, for simple/aggravated assault.

Lisa Guidry Forbes Jones, 49, 6673 Highway 43 S.; arrested May 4, for probation violation and controlled substance violation.

Shasta Keys, 39, 1019 E. Canal St.; arrested May 4, for contempt of court.

Michael Pitts, 70, 23 Childs Rd., Poplarville; arrested May 4, for malicious mischief and public drunk/profanity.

Michelle Rae Clemens, 48, 20 Ernest Furr Rd.; arrested May 4, for four counts of contempt of court.

Thomas Hunter Harrison, 24, 1301 Third Ave.; arrested May 5, for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Johnathan Dewayne Cook, 28, 1520 Maple Ave.; arrested May 5, for felonious possession or sale of alcohol in a dry county, DUI second, two counts of contempt of court and no driver’s license.

Kelsey E. Wilton, 28, 59 Wilton Rd.; arrested May 5, for possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of alcoholic beverages.

Male juvenile, 15; arrested May 5, for DUI, two controlled substance violations, careless driving, unlawful possession of a alcoholic beverages and probation violation.

Katherine Ann Nicolosi, 67, 1201 S. McGehee Rd., Poplarville; arrested May 5, for possession of a controlled substance.

Shelby Wayne Best, 57, 2 Sanford and Son; arrested May 7, for probation violation.

Jason Ladner, 39, 26091 Wolf Creek Rd., Kiln; arrested May 7, for controlled substance violation.

Joshua Craig Taylor, 41, 40 Buddy Rd., Carriere; arrested May 8, for two contempt of court warrants.

Larry Herd, 39, 14 Bonner Rd., Poplarville; arrested May 8, for controlled substance violation.

Kasi Erin Graves, 28, 2 Trish Lane, Carriere; arrested May 8, for trespassing.

Staci Fortenberry, 46, 18731 Diamond Rd., Saucier; arrested May 9, for possession of beer/wine in a dry county.