Two step down from Board of Aldermen

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2018

When Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting began, the Board went into executive session in order to exit the April 10, meeting’s executive session because some Board members left the meeting prior to officially exiting the executive session.

According to the agenda, during the April 10 special meeting Alderwoman Margaret Ann Smith turned in her resignation and then left the meeting. Shortly after, Alderman Kevin L. Tillman, Sr. also exited the meeting.

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“A quorum was no longer present, and no further business could be conducted,” the agenda states.

After a few minutes during Tuesday’s meeting, the executive session was concluded with no action being taken in open session.

After approving the minutes from the April 3, meeting and the April 10, meeting, the Board made a motion to acknowledge Smith’s resignation. The motion passed with Tillman voting against it. 

Mayor Rossie Creel said that since there was a vacancy within the Board, a special election would need to be held to elect a replacement. It was decided that the special election would be held on May 22. Creel said potential candidates must qualify by May 2, at 5 p.m. to be considered. A motion to order the special election was passed. A second motion was then passed to officially set the date for the election, and to allow City Clerk Jane O’Neal to announce it publicly in the Item. Both motions passed unanimously.

According to the agenda, on April 9, City Attorney Colette Oldmixion turned in her official resignation. The Board unanimously acknowledges her resignation.

Creel said the Board requested proposals to find a replacement for the City Attorney position. Several were submitted and distributed among the Board. It was decided that no immediate decision would be made, since more proposals would likely be submitted in the following weeks. A motion was approved to take the matter under advisement.

Afterwards, two motions were made to approve the claims docket at $32,766.71 as well as to approve the payroll report for the month of March, at $108,947.21.

Mia’s Sweet Box owner Danielle Sones came before the Board to request a directional sign be installed by Poplarville’s City Hall to promote local businesses. She presented a design for the sign, and said she met with the Mississippi Prison Industries, which gave her a quote.

Sones said the sign would be split into two parts – a top portion, which the city of Poplarville would be able to use for advertisement, and a lower portion where local businesses could attach directional plaques.

She proposed the city pay for its portion, which would cost approximately $500. The local businesses would each pay for their own plaque and a portion of the total cost. She said the sign would hopefully garner the attention of visitors to direct them to local retail stores and restaurants.

Code Enforcement Officer Kolby Davis said he surveyed the area with Sones earlier in the week, and together found a place for the sign. While Mississippi Department of Transportation had not called him back, Davis said the placement shouldn’t interfere with the department’s regulations.

“I think it’s a really decent investment, and not a very expensive endeavor,” Creel said.

Creel said he hoped the sign could replace the existing “Welcome to Poplarville” sign.

It was decided that the Board would move forward with paying for the city’s portion of the sign.