Law allows military personals to have their jobs reinstated

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 7, 2018

An amendment to an existing law has increased reemployment protection for military servicemen and veterans to ensure their civilian jobs are protected upon returning from military duty. The bill, Senate Bill 2459, has been signed into law by the Governor.

According to the bill, “any member of the United States Armed Forces who has been discharged in order to perform duties or receive training with the Armed Forces of United States, the State of Mississippi or any other state and is in a position to provide evidence of the training received or service provided will be entitled to restore their previous position.”

The bill further states that if the previous position was filled during the service member’s absence, that person will be eligible for a similar position that provides the same status, pay and seniority as the position held prior to deployment.

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State Representative for District 106 John Glen Corley said that Mississippi currently has a similar law in place but at this year’s legislative session the subject was brought back to the forefront.

Corley said that this year, several National Guard units in Mississippi were deployed this this year.

According to previous coverage 25 percent of the National Guard units deployed were from this state.

“When they return they should be provided with the same position or better,” Corley said.

Individuals serving for the military build skills during their time in service, making them better employees, Corley said.

He said that it’s good that most companies already see the advantage of hiring military men and women.

Stacey Wilkes, State Representative for District 108 said the words “or any other state,” is the only addition made to this existing legislation. This means any training or deployment that takes place in other State should include members residing in Mississippi.

“Our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much for us,” Wilkes said. “I believe it is only right that we protect their livelihoods and make sure they have a job to return to when they come home.”