School District proposing bond issue

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

When it comes to elections, there are only a handful of topics that will bring participation rates to record breaking levels, one of which is taxes.

This year the Pearl River County School District is proposing a bond issue that will increase property taxes within that area of the county. The problem with this bond is it’s similar to the one county residents in that District voted down a year prior.

To hold an election is not cheap.

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It involves the use of poll workers and some type of voting machine.

No matter where those machines come from, there’s an expense.

While the bond issue did not die by a large margin last year, more than 50 percent of the voters indicated they are not in favor of paying more taxes at this time.

That begs the question; why would a school district call for another bond election within such a short time frame after the voters made their voice heard?

This time around, the District plans to share more detailed information concerning how they would use those additional funds in response to concerns lodged during last year’s attempt.

It is well known that a majority of the facilities are quite dated within the Pearl River County School District.

Even with the recently added cafeteria and band hall, a majority of the classes are being held in possibly the oldest structures within any of this county’s three school districts, or in portable buildings.

We agree it may be time to update the facilities in the District, and for that matter across the entire county.