Pearl River County Utility Authority holds monthly meeting

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 16, 2018

The Pearl River County Utility Authority’s Board of Directors met Thursday afternoon to discuss several matters.

The Board heard from Executive Director Ray Scott about the current revenue and expenses.  He said for the last month, the water revenue was $300,000 of an expected $338,000 and that even though February is a low water month, currently the water revenue is up by 3.8 percent. Scott also added that the sewer revenue is a half of a percent higher than normal.

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Currently electricity is under budget and the expense in repairs and maintenance is slightly over budget because of smoke tests on Poplarville’s sewer system, which are completed.

Scott also spoke about the installation of a four-inch bypass manifold at 2100 Sheppard Boulevard. He said that water line is filled with sand and crews can’t get a camera through it for inspection purposes, so they’ll have to dig that line up and bypass the area because it’s next to a transit water line. Brooks Wallace, a representative from Dungan Engineering, said they have not been able to repair the line because of rain in the last couple of days but he expects the work to be completed as soon as possible.

Wallace went on to discuss repairs underway near Loftin Street and that crews are currently finishing up the last 10 percent of the project, after which crews will move on to Westchester.

He also discussed the Highway 11 expansion project and said that the preliminary design for relocation of sewer mains is approximately 95 percent complete. The final plan for relocation of sewer main lines is complete and he is readying them to send to the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Wallace said he expects to be present bids for the work at the next Board meeting.

Wallace also discussed repairs taking place at an old sewer lagoon in Poplarville. He said the work included the removal of fallen trees and installation of a six-inch drainage pipe to allow the water to reach the nearby creek. Since this solution is temporary, Wallace said there are three options; either do nothing, build a permanent drain that will allow the water to reach the creek, or pump the water to the cascade and let the level of the lagoon go down. Wallace said the problem with pumping the water would require the purchase or rental of a bypass pump, plus the diesel to run the pump. Additionally that option would involve hoses to be lain across the road. After some discussion, the Board approved a motion for Wallace to bring a proposal for a permanent fix during the next meeting and notify the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, about the Board’s future plans.