Passage of bond can bring a lot more to the county

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 24, 2018

Voters are again being asked to decide whether they would support an increase in their taxes to pay for the construction of updated facilities within the Pearl River County School District.  Thursday night an informational meeting was held at the Carriere campus.

During the meeting, students, families and citizens who live in the District had the opportunity to learn more about how that increase would fund future plans for both the McNeill and Carriere campuses.

Pearl River Central Student Body Vice President Gage McClinton presented information about the current situation at the Carriere campus.

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He said that he and his classmates initially thought the upgrades might include fixing a leaky window or the construction of a couple of new classrooms. But after realizing classrooms are filled to capacity with about 32 students each and how students are crammed into the library, then he realized the upgrades needed are much larger.

If passed, the bond would allow for the construction of new classrooms for both the McNeill and the Carriere campuses.

The passing of the bond will not only have a positive impact on the children who will attend school in the school district in the future but the construction of the new buildings will also provide new job opportunities to people in the area.

Also, the construction of new classrooms will not only lessen class sizes, but potentially provide more jobs since those classrooms will need teachers. At the same time, this project would give educators better facilities to provide a quality education to our youth. Whether this matter is being discussed from a student or a community point of view, it is time to bring the facilities at the Pearl River County School District into the 21st century.