New roof leaks at Poplarville museum

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tuesday’s Poplarville Board of Alderman meeting began with Joan Bassett, President of the Poplarville Historical Society and Museum, discussing a leak at the museum that is causing major damage.

While repairs to the roof were completed in 2017 due to termite damage, it has recently started leaking during heavy rains. Bassett said water does not come through the center of the ceiling, instead it runs down the walls. The issue has caused a great deal of damage to the walls and carpets and has prevented the museum from reopening because water comes into all three sections of the museum.

Bassett said her organization cannot move back into the museum until the problem is fixed.

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A motion was approved for Code Enforcement Officer Kolby Davis to visit the museum during the next heavy rain and assess the damage.

In regards to the lighting for the new city square park, the Board rescinded and tabled its previous decision to move forward with construction. That decision was made after an alternate proposal was brought forward by a representative with Mississippi Power Company.

It was previously estimated that construction of a trench and installation of light poles would cost $6,717. However, Alderman Tony Smith said that during a meeting with Mississippi Power Company, he was informed that if the city constructed the necessary trenches, costs would be significantly reduced.

In addition, Smith said Mississippi Power Company offered to install two poles, one with an LED acorn light and one with an LED colonial light at the park free of cost so the city can decide which style to install across the park. Installing the colonial light instead of the acorn light would cut monthly lighting costs in half.

Laurie Jaufre spoke to the Board about this year’s annual Keep Poplarville Beautiful event. This is the fourth annual event and will take place at the city park on April 21. Everyone who attends will be provided with cleanup supplies and refreshments. At the end of the day, all of the trash collected will be brought to the park to be measured.

“The event is all about awareness. It’s bringing awareness to the fact that there’s an issue,” Jaufre said.

Jaufre said she is seeking donors to help cover last-minute costs associated with the event.

During her presentation, Jaufre turned to the Board and said, “I want to challenge the Aldermen and Alderwomen to come out this year and help us.”

Mayor Rossie Creel said that he hopes every citizen in Poplarville, not just members of the Board, will participate.

The next Board meeting will be April 3, at 5 p.m. in City Hall.