Learn how to fly in Picayune

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

local business in the city of Picayune offers flight lessons and sightseeing to local residents.

During my time back in Georgia, one of my friends invited me many times to ride along during her flight lessons. I remember the first time I tagged along; I was feeling rather uneasy because at the time, my only experience of being in the air involved flying in commercial flights and not so much in planes that are much smaller.

While at the beginning of the flight I felt scared for my life, it turned out to be an enjoyable experience and as I rode on the plane many more times after that, I became more comfortable being inside the plane. Also, while I was in the air, I quickly realized that learning how to fly a plane is a more complex activity when a person compares it to driving a vehicle or a motorcycle.

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Some of the things involved while learning how to fly involve being able to read the wind speed, how to turn a plane without flipping it over, how to take off and most importantly, how to land. Before a person can fly a plane, they are also required to know the function of every cable and bolt inside the plane in case something goes wrong.

But just like any other activity, learning how to properly fly a plane is a task that takes time and practice.

For those that are not interested in learning how to fly a plane but rather experience the thrill of being up in the air, you should definitely find a way to do so.

I found flying to be a great method to relieve stress and also engage in an activity that not everyone has the opportunity to experience.

If you or someone you know will ride a plane in the nearby future, make sure to take a picture because the view from a plane is like no other.