Arrest reports collected from the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department on March 8, 2018

Published 1:36 pm Friday, March 9, 2018

Brandon Christopher Cook, 29, 38 oak Hill Lane, Carriere; arrested Feb. 22, for false reporting of a crime.

Violet Louise Butler, 44, 2 Peters Rd., Poplarville; arrested Feb. 23, for foreign fugitive warrant.

Patrick Lorenzo Blakely, 47, 310 St. Joseph, Waveland; arrested Feb. 23, for two contempt of court warrants.

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Jeffery Tyrone Ferguson, 52, 17 Panther Circle; arrested Feb. 25, for failure to comply with officer requests.

Jeffrey Lynwood Smith, 40, 200 Loper St.; arrested Feb. 26, for contempt of court warrant.

Erin Kirtland, 37, 61 Darby Lane, Carriere; arrested Feb. 26, for possession of paraphernalia.

Marcia Michell Kirby, 33, 322 Liberty Rd.; arrested Feb. 27, for contempt of court and DUI.

John Albert V. Heidel, 36, 23260 Mitchell Rd.; arrested March 1, for three counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Naron Becnel, 24, 29 Winfred St., Waggamen, La.; arrested March 1, for convicted felon carrying a concealed weapon, controlled substance 41-29-139(c2A), reckless driving, driving while licenses suspended and improper equipment.

Jolanda Michelle Hart, 47, 29 Ellis Hart Rd., Poplarville; arrested March 3, for foreign fugitive warrant.

Purvis Duckworth, 66, 117 W .Merrill Rd., McNeill; arrested March 3, for two contempt of court warrants.

Micheal Davis, 39, 331 King Ave., Philadelphia, Miss.; arrested March 5, for controlled substance violation.

Joseph Michael Augello, 35, 36 Nelson Rd., Poplarville; arrested March 6, for hold.

Natasha Creel, 41, 111 George Wells Rd., Carriere; arrested March 7, for compulsory school attendance requirement violation and bad checks.