School threats are no joke these days

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Threats of violence on school campuses are nothing new.

In decades past, most of them involved a bomb threat and were usually nothing more than a reason for students to not be in class.

Even though the student responsible for making the threat would later face several weeks of detention or possibly a suspension, if not worse, children who had to be evacuated from class typically saw it as an extended break where they could socialize.

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That’s because back then actual bombs being found as a result of those threats were very rare. More so, instances of people entering a campus to shoot fellow students or school staff were unheard of.

While threats back then were taken seriously, the rarity of an actual incident occurring led to a feeling of complacency amongst the students.

Due to recent events nationwide, the outlook on threats against school staff and students has grown even more serious because these instances are a reality.

As a result, Pearl River County residents send their children off to class with worry in their heart.

Some have been overheard saying they lament the fact that they had to pull their children aside to give them a hard truth.

That truth was that such situations can and do occur, and children should be prepared to hide or run to protect themselves if the unthinkable actually occurs.

No parent wants to have that conversation with their children.

National coverage of school shootings in other states has ended the feeling of safety we used to enjoy.

And that is why the recent news of threats being made at local schools is very concerning.

No longer can students hear of a threat of violence and dismiss it an idle talk.