Scholarship opportunities for high school graduates

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2018

We are now in the month of February, and that means there are only four months left in the current school year. While that might seem like a long time, for high school seniors this is when they have to either take the ACT or SAT one last time, apply to a community college or four-year university and most importantly, search and apply for financial aid.

For many people, attending college, whether it is a community college or a four-year university, seems out of reach due to financial constraints. But students might not be aware that there are scholarships and grants available from the federal and state government or local organizations that could help them further their education. In order to receive financial aid from a governmental entity, high school seniors and current college students are required to file a FAFSA application through the Federal Student Aid office. According to, the Federal Student Aid, a branch of the U.S. Department of Education, has provided more than $120 million to over 13 million students across the country through grants, loans or work-study funds to help them attend a university.  Because these grants don’t provide all the funding a student will need to graduate college, they also consider taking out student loans in order to cover the difference. Most student loans do not require payment until that person has graduated, but some loans build interest while you are in school while others do not. It’s always best to learn as much as possible about a particular loan before signing any final paperwork.

At the same time, students can begin their college career by attending a two-year college, such as Pearl River Community College, which is close to home. By attending a school that’s not far from their family support system, students are able to save money that can be used later. Ultimately, if a student wants to attend college but has financial concerns, they can visit their high school counselor for more information.

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