Help pets find their forever home

Published 7:00 am Friday, February 2, 2018

At times the old saying, “There’s still some good left in this world,” still rings true.

The statement very aptly defines a resident of Picayune, Craig Griffing, as he continues an initiative his mother started years ago.

Craig’s mother instilled that trait in him by donating funds to the local animal shelter that were used to take care of the pets coming into the shelter.

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Today, Craig is keeping her effort alive by donating $2,000 to the shelter as part of the “Adopt the love of your life for half the price,” campaign wherein 40 pet lovers in the community can adopt a dog or cat for half the original price. Craig’s own love for pets helped him decide to encourage others within the community to adopt pets. Just like humans, dogs and cats require warmth, care and comfort. I strongly believe these animals in the shelter have a right to find their forever homes. According to the Helping Hands Humane Society, by adopting an animal from a shelter you give new life to a pet that has been lost, given up or abandoned. It’s terrifying to know that pets of all ages, whether they are kittens, puppies or elderly, many die a silent death. Be a companion to those who have faced the brutality of being caged in mass breeding facilities or have suffered other acts of neglect or abuse. Each time I visit an animal shelter, I can’t seem build up the courage to take one of the many adorable pets home, even though their eyes are filled with both despair and hope. Each time I leave the shelter disappointed with my decision. I’m not scared of pets, but I’m still not certain whether I would be able to meet the demands involved in the responsibilities of owning a pet.

However, for those of you who have that level of dedication, now is your chance to bring home a new friend who will brighten your life, all at half price.

visit whenever I go back home. A similar feeling came over me when I met the adults at Bridgeway. Even though my interaction with them was temporary, I still felt privileged that I brought a smile to their face.

Today, I’m grateful my job gives me that opportunity and I hope to be able to continue to try to bring a smile to those who are less fortunate.